Conference Papers :)

I discovered this gold mine recently.

Durham and York, 6th-12th August, 2006
Major Theme: The Fantastic in Old Norse / Icelandic Literature
Secondary Theme: Sagas and the British Isles, especially Northumbria
Sponsored by: The Viking Society for Northern Research
The British Academy
The Royal Norwegian Embassy, Moscow

Many pre-printed versions of the papers are available for perusal, at the conference's website here: http://www.dur.ac.uk/medieval.www/sagaconf/sagapps.htm

New Costume Blog

I have started a costume blog on Blogger, which allows you to post pictures for free (unlike LiveJournal). One of my objectives in starting it is to solicit feedback on projects I'm planning. It is located <a href="http://www.cathyscostumeblog.blogspot.com'>here</a>. My latest post asks some questions about the possible cut of the shift of which pieces were found in the Pskov grave. I invite everybody in this community to check it out.
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Looking for a Beginners Guide and Grad Schools

I'm a junior anthropology/archaeology and art history major. I have been struggling to find my nook in my field for some time. I need to get my reading in order before I make my final choices for grad school. I've always had a great interest in northern medieval archaeology and decided I need to read up more on viking history and culture.

I'm terribly new with the subject outside of mythology. Can anyone recommend some books on viking history, culture or anything to get a newbie started? I would appreciate it.

Feel free to add any of your favorites to the list too for me to check out!

Also if there are any U.S. universities that you know of with a graduate program with any specialists in viking culture I would adore you if you listed them. I'm only aware of two at the University of Buffalo and CUNY.


New Database for Archaelogical Finds...

I don't believe I've shared this yet. I'm doing some much belated housekeeping in cleaning up my inbox, and came across the info on this little jewel. I thought for some of you it may prove an invaluable resource. :)

The Viking and Anglo-Saxon Landscape and Economy (VASLE) Project
Julian Richards, John Naylor and Caroline Holas-Clark, 2008
The University of York

An introduction to the new databaseCollapse )

Longship Reconstruction

There's a project on in York (UK) to build another replica longship. I believe the group has permission to display one of the old Regia fibreglass boats from Naburn Marina at the Jorvik Festival this year to aid the fundraising etc. and should be at Kings Staith on Saturday. I'm hoping to meet up with them, as several members of my Roman group Comitatus are aiming to get involved, probably largely as crew in Viking kit, as I understand the group are from the civic side rather than re-enactors / archaeological, but their aim is to make the replica authentic to the best standard.

Their web site is Jorvik Afloat

I'll let you know more details as I get them, if you're interested. I'll pass on any advice/experience you have.