kuniklos (kuniklos) wrote in viking_research,

Looking for Vikings in illuminations or other art.

I am working on my thesis for an art history paper, and I am having trouble finding illuminations or pieces of art portraying vikings made by non-viking people.  Other than the Bayeux  Tapestry, I am having trouble pin pointing a good keyword as well as sources that are not just limited to translated texts/records without images.  If anyone could give me a suggestion for work or for keywords I would appreciate it.

I am specifically looking for illuminations, and I am not picky whether these are related to Scandinavian or Icelandic Vikings.  I have a good number of sources on Icelandic illuminations.

I'm still gathering information and have a great idea for a thesis, however I don't want to have to give it up for lack of primary sources.

From what I am reading (I am still educating myself on Vikings) there are not that many self-illumination by the Vikings themselves before being largely Christian. If I'm wrong let me know, in which case I would love to search out their own artistic interpretations of themselves through illuminations.


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