vilhjalmrsonn (vilhjalmrsonn) wrote in viking_research,

Advice needed on seams.

Hallo! I've been trying to make some period-authentic garb from the mid to late Viking Era and am struggling a bit with the seams.

I know some Norse peoples decorated the seams of their did they do this? Did they decorate, say...all sewn seams on a tunic, or just some? I ask because the seams on my undertunic are...well, I just don't like them, and would like to make them more attractive while staying period-appropriate. Of all the pieces of clothing I'm making for myself for use with my SCA Viking-era Icelandic persona, my undertunic is the most detailed thus far, I freaking love it. :P

Any advice or instruction would be most appreciated!!! Semi-crossposting this in hopes that someone, somewhere will know what I should do. :)

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