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My first steps into the Viking world

I've been having fun with something other than Venetian dress.  Hard to believe that the Venetian Laurel could turn her back on it, (not actually turning my back entirely, rather experimenting further afield). 

I've been playing with Norse dress.  I havn't completed it as yet (couple of things left before it is completed), so no photos of it on me till then.

I do have photos of some of the BLING*!*!*!*!*


these made by the very talented Roy Cassel

The first ones I bought.  I didn't think I would enjoy Norse as much as I am, so I got a the cheapest set I could find.


No glass beads in the original strings as I couldn't find any that were 'right' for the time line.


I did find come beads that were right for this time line.  And a funky way of displaying them that is a little different, but very accurate.  Cute aint it.


I tried my hand at more new stuff.  EMBRIODERY!  This pattern is from the C10 Mammen burial.  The colours are from the colour palet I have from 'inherited' wools.  Lucky for me the colours are all highly fesable for the geography and time line to the best of my knowledge.  Worked in slip stitch in DMS cottons.  The apron is linen that I found on one of my raids.  I should get another 2 aprons and one head dress from the same piece.  It cost a stupidly low 50 cents for the piece.  Well spent I think.  (helps make up for how much was spent on the jewelry.... ouch!)

Dresses on hangers that tell you nothing of how it looks on.

The dark green is more 'inherrited' wool.  The golden coloured one is made of the most gorgous soft scotish lambs wool.  It was a magnificent find in a second hand shop for a equally magnificent price (that means it was really cheap).  Yes there is another outfit in behind these but that is another story.

So I still want to make a birka coat, under dresses, and a few other bits to make up the ensemble.  Luckily I found my shoes I made quite some years back.  So I have hand made shoes in a style that is appropriate for this dress.

Still so much to do.

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