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hi everybody :)

Just thought that now was a good time to find a community at LJ where I could learn more about vikings, books about them and so on :)

I think that i should do a little introduction? so... here goes:
My name is Lene and I'm from Denmark. I guess I've always been a bit interested in the vikings. i've always felt this weird connection with them in some way. Then in September 2008 I started studying history at the university as my 2nd subject and I realized that each time the teacher started to talk about the vikings I'd get into this almost trance-like state, where I kind of "saw" everything that the teacher said instead of hearing what he said. So... my interest really got a kick start then, you could say :D
On May 15th this year i went to this viking-symposium at the uni with a few friends of mine. I was SO amazed!!! i think that we only were us four people that were students. the rest (about 30 people or so) were old and grey and they seemed to ALL be famous Danes, Swedes and Norwegian people that works with Vikings. there were historians, archaeologists, museum-people and so on. it was so amazing :)
there were about 10 speeches and they were all about the newest results and theories and finds. there were some speeches about linguistic proof of viking settlements in the north of france and on the british isles and there were some new finds going on in Jelling and the leader of the whole project of digging all the stuff out from the ground talked about the new finds this far (they are still working there) and there were some other speeches as well.

it was such a great feeling to be part of the newest stuff, you know? :D

next year the symposium will be in Kiel, Germany so I doubt that I will have time and money (and German skills that are well enough to understand speeches...) to go then. but the three years after that it'll be in Denmark. *yay* so i'm going again then!!!!

has anybody here been at the viking symposiums in Denmark/Kiel? or are there anyone planning to go in the following years?

Soon i will start to read this book I got on sales called: "viking age England" by Julian D. Richards. have any of you guys read it? and if so how did you like it?
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