kuniklos (kuniklos) wrote in viking_research,

Looking for a Beginners Guide and Grad Schools

I'm a junior anthropology/archaeology and art history major. I have been struggling to find my nook in my field for some time. I need to get my reading in order before I make my final choices for grad school. I've always had a great interest in northern medieval archaeology and decided I need to read up more on viking history and culture.

I'm terribly new with the subject outside of mythology. Can anyone recommend some books on viking history, culture or anything to get a newbie started? I would appreciate it.

Feel free to add any of your favorites to the list too for me to check out!

Also if there are any U.S. universities that you know of with a graduate program with any specialists in viking culture I would adore you if you listed them. I'm only aware of two at the University of Buffalo and CUNY.


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