I'm new to this community and I found this group. I can see that you guys haven't posted for a while but perhaps it can change?

I am very interested in the Viking Age. Am Danish myself. I had two classes at the uni where I learned Old Norse and I used this language in my M.A. thesis that I wrote earlier this year. I'm not super great at Old Norse, though. LOL.

I would like to learn more about life in Viking Age Scandinavia and also hear about new finds, theories and read articles and so on. This is why I joined this group.

So... are anybody still interested in keeping this group alive or should I try and see if I can another one to join instead? *curious*
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More events

Hi all,

The Viking related events in the Festival of British Archaeology, including those organised by the Jorvik Viking Centre, are:

Ancient Technology Centre Open Weekend
Sat 31 July–Sun 1 Aug 10.00–16.00
Ancient Technology Centre, Damerham Road,

Annual opening to the public – a chance to see our new and
completed Viking Longhouse, displays by Vikings, homemade
foods and crafts available for purchase.
Dorset County Council
01725 517618

The Battlefield of Marston Moor: In the
Footsteps of Cromwell
Thu 22 July 19.00–20.30
Meet at the monument on the Tockwith Road, Long

An evening walk across Marston Moor with archaeologist and
re-enactor Russell Marwood.
York Archaeological Trust
01904 615505

Marston Moor: A Guide to the Battle
Wed 28 July 10.00–17.00
Depart York city centre (deteails on booking)

An all day visit to Marston Moor with archaeologist and re-enactor
Russell Marwood.
York Archaeological Trust
01904 615505

Forgotten Crafts
Fri 30 July–Sun 1 Aug 10.00–16.00
DIG, York

Learn how the crafts of Viking era York are inspiring the world of
computer games.
York Archaeological Trust
01904 543400

Behind the Scenes at Conservation
Sun 1 Aug 11 .00–12.00
Meet at YAT front gate, 47 Aldwark, York

Find out what happens to artefacts after archaeologists have
unearthed them with this exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of
YAT’s conservation department.
York Archaeological Trust
01904 615505

Mammen collar and cuffs

In Mammen: Grav, kunst og samfund, Ostergard mentions padded collar pieces and cuffs, but it doesn't look to me like Munksgard used the collar in her reconstruction in the same volume (she opted for a squared keyhole). I haven't found anyone else using a padded collar in a reconstruction, but I may be putting the wrong keywords into Google. Any guesses how it might look added to a garment? I'm not familiar with "throat bands," whatever those are.

Historical accuracy

"As an example to other countries soon to join the industrial age, Norway proved not favourable to Scientific Management. Scientific Management lasted less than a decade in Norwegian culture. It is a country, democratic and egalitarian since the Vikings, with a long tradition in such autonomous occupations as fishing, farming, and lumbering."

I would like to hear the opinion of this forum on the part in bold of this excerpt. Does this seem historically accurate to you?

Looking for Vikings in illuminations or other art.

I am working on my thesis for an art history paper, and I am having trouble finding illuminations or pieces of art portraying vikings made by non-viking people.  Other than the Bayeux  Tapestry, I am having trouble pin pointing a good keyword as well as sources that are not just limited to translated texts/records without images.  If anyone could give me a suggestion for work or for keywords I would appreciate it.

I am specifically looking for illuminations, and I am not picky whether these are related to Scandinavian or Icelandic Vikings.  I have a good number of sources on Icelandic illuminations.

I'm still gathering information and have a great idea for a thesis, however I don't want to have to give it up for lack of primary sources.

From what I am reading (I am still educating myself on Vikings) there are not that many self-illumination by the Vikings themselves before being largely Christian. If I'm wrong let me know, in which case I would love to search out their own artistic interpretations of themselves through illuminations.


Advice needed on seams.

Hallo! I've been trying to make some period-authentic garb from the mid to late Viking Era and am struggling a bit with the seams.

I know some Norse peoples decorated the seams of their did they do this? Did they decorate, say...all sewn seams on a tunic, or just some? I ask because the seams on my undertunic are...well, I just don't like them, and would like to make them more attractive while staying period-appropriate. Of all the pieces of clothing I'm making for myself for use with my SCA Viking-era Icelandic persona, my undertunic is the most detailed thus far, I freaking love it. :P

Any advice or instruction would be most appreciated!!! Semi-crossposting this in hopes that someone, somewhere will know what I should do. :)

My first steps into the Viking world

I've been having fun with something other than Venetian dress.  Hard to believe that the Venetian Laurel could turn her back on it, (not actually turning my back entirely, rather experimenting further afield). 

I've been playing with Norse dress.  I havn't completed it as yet (couple of things left before it is completed), so no photos of it on me till then.

I do have photos of some of the BLING*!*!*!*!*

Bling behind the cut......****Collapse )